Student's Guide to ISDC 2012
Here's the Scoop:

Conference Registration*

Youth and Full Time Student registration only for ISDC 2012 is cheap:
only $40 through April 30, and $60 through May 20. We will also have single day tickets available soon for which you can register. We are aiming to have that option available by April 12. Please check back soon at our Conference Registration page for list of single day ticket prices.

Transportation Angles
Lodging Angles

Important Message to Attendees Under 18 Years of Age

All persons under the age of 18 desiring to attend ISDC must have their parent/guardian complete the Waiver of Liability and Medical Authorization for Students (download the form here) and the Student Medical Information (download the form here). Students who do not have this information on file with National Space Society headquarters by May 15, 2012, will NOT be given their registration badges and will NOT be permitted to participate in the Conference in any way. If there is any possibility you will attend ISDC, even if you do not have your Visa yet, we strongly recommend that you have these forms completed and send them – before May 15, 2012 – by email or fax to: National Space Society, [email protected] or 202-530-0659. You should also bring a copy of the forms with you to be presented at the Registration Desk, just in case there is any problem.

Networking Opportunities

*Fine Print. Youth less than age 23 or full-time student (undergraduate and graduate) with current ID are eligible for the Youth and Student Rates. For full-time student rates, we reserve the right to ask for verification of your full time student status.

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