Meal Speakers

Friday Board of Governors Dinner and Gala at National Air and Space Museum
John Glenn
Senator John H. Glenn
Member of NASA's "Mercury Seven" astronauts, Mercury 6 and Space Shuttle Astronaut (Bio)
Scott Carpenter
Commander Scott Carpenter
Member of the NASA's "Mercury Seven" astronauts, Mercury 7 Astronaut. (Bio)
Mark Sirangelo
Chairman, Sierra Nevada Corporation's Space Systems Board (Bio)
Hugh Downs
Hugh Downs
Chairman, NSS Board of Governors; broadcaster, television host, producer, and author (Bio)
Senator Glenn and Commander Carpenter each will be presented with the NSS' prestigious Space Pioneer Award in the category of Historic Space Achievement. The Master of Ceremony of the Gala and Governors' Dinner will be Hugh Downs, Chairman of NSS Board of Governors for the last 25 years.
Friday Lunch
Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson
Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of Planetary Resources (Bio)
Saturday Lunch
Michael Lopez-Alegria
President, Commercial Spaceflight Federation (Bio)

Ben Bova will receive 2012 Space Pioneer Award. Baen Book Awards Presented by Ben Bova.
Saturday Dinner
Jeff Greason
Jeff Greason
CEO and Co-Founder, XCOR Aerospace (Bio)

NSS-NASA Ames Space Settlement Competition Grand Prize. Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter team will receive the 2012 Space Pioneer Award.
Sunday Lunch
Rick Tumlinson
Founder of The EarthLight Institute (Bio)

Art Dula and Robert Farquhar will receive 2012 Space Pioneer Awards.
Sunday Dinner
Lori Garver
Lori B. Garver
Deputy Administrator, NASA (Bio)

Fred I. Ordway, III will receive the 2012 Space Pioneer Award for "Elder Statesman." NSS Activist of the Year. NSS Excellence Awards. NSS Chapter Awards.
Monday Lunch
Paul E. Damphousse
Executive Director, National Space Society (Bio)

Speakers and programs subject to change.

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