Preliminary ISDC 2012 Schedule at a Glance

Speakers and presentations are subject to change. While we will strive to maintain an updated schedule on the website, please check with on-site volunteer and signage for any last minute changes. The main meeting area will take place on the Independence Level of the Grand Hyatt Washington. Detailed schedules will be availabe just prior to the event, and will be made available at the conference.

Thursday, May 24 Special Programming
Special Workshops (By Invitation Only)
NSS Web Redesign. Room: McPherson Square. [4 pm - 6 pm]
NSS Membership Committee. Room: McPherson Square. [8 pm - 10 pm]
Evening Events
Welcome Reception. Independence F, G, H, I [6 pm - 8 pm]
Friday, May 25
Media Registration
Room: McPherson Square [7 pm - 9 pm]
General Sessions (Independence A) [9 a.m. 12 pm]
Opening Keynote. Charles F. Bolden, NASA Administrator
Mark Sirangelo, Chairman, Sierra Nevada Corporation's Space Systems Board
Steve Cook, Director of Space Technologies, Dynetics
Lunch (Independence C, D, E) [12:10 pm - 1:50 pm]
Eric Anderson, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of Planetary Resources
Featured Programming (Independence A) [2 pm - 6 pm]
Tom Shelley, President, Space Adventures, Ltd.
NASA Space Launch System (SLS) Panel
Bill Hill, NASA HQ (Moderator)
Todd May, SLS Program Manager, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Garry Lyles, SLS Chief Engineer, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Liberty Transporation System
Brian Duffy, ATK
John Schumacher, Astrium North America
To Be Annouced
General Tracks [2 pm - 6 pm]
Space Settlement, organized by AIAA (Independence F, G)
Space Investment Summit (Independence H, I)
Government Procurement and Space (Farragut Square)
ITAR and Satellite Export Control Reform Policy Update, organized by Satellite Industry Association (Lafayette Park)
Governor's Dinner and Gala
25th Governors Dinner and Gala at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Sponsored by Sierra Nevada Space Systems and Space Canada
Hugh Downs, Master of Ceremonies
NSS Space Pioneer Awards: Senator John Glenn, Commander Scott Carpenter
Presented by Mark Sirangelo, Chairman, Sierra Nevada Space Systems
Saturday, May 26
General Sessions (Independence A) [9 a.m. 12 pm]
Doug McCuistion, NASA - Director, Mars Exploration Program
International Space Sustainability Panel
Sarah Factor, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy
Philippe Hazane, CNES Representative and Space Attache, French Embassy
Ade Abiodun, Former Chairman of UN COPUOS
Lynn Cline, NASA Deputy Associate Administrator for Human Exploration and Operations, Retired
Chaired by Mike Simpson, Secure World Foundation
To Be Announced
Lunch (Independence C, D, E) [12:10 pm - 1:50 pm]
Michael Lopez-Alegria, President, Commercial Spaceflight Federation
Award Presentation to Ben Bova
Baen Book Award Presentation
Featured Programming (Independence A) [2 pm - 5 pm]
Asteroid Panel, LtCol Pete Garreston, Chair
To be Annouced
Amaresh Kollipara, Principal, Space Angels Network
General Tracks [2 pm - 6 pm]
Mission Development Forum, organized by Xtraordinary Innovative Space Partnerships, Inc. (Independence H)
Space Solar Power (Independence I)
Space Business (Farragut Square)
Mars, organized by ExploreMars, Inc. (Lafayette Park)
NSS Meeting
NSS Brainstorming with the Board - Project Identification
Room: McPherson Square [2 pm - 4 pm]
International Space University (ISU) Meetings
International Space University (ISU) Meetings
Room: McPherson Square [4 pm - 5 pm]
Cocktail Reception (Independence Foyer) [6 pm - 7 pm]
Dinner (Independence A)
Jeff Greason, CEO and Founder, XCor Aerospace
Award Presentation to Mars Reconaissance Orbiter Team
Dr. Richard Zurek, Project Scientist
Dr. Philip Varhghese, Project Manager
Wayne Sidney, Spacecraft Engineer
Student Space Settlement Design Award Presentations
Sunday, May 27
General Sessions (Independence A) [9 a.m. 12 pm]
Jim Muncy, Government Relations Consultant at XCOR Aerospace; Founder, PoliSpace and Space Frontier Foundation
Alexandra hall, Google Lunar X Prize
NSS Heritage Panel with:
Lori Garver, Deputy Administrator, NASA and Former NSS Executive Director
Ben Bova, NSS Governor
Fred Ordway, NSS Governor
Art Dula, NSS Governor
Paul Damphousse, NSS Executive Director, Moderator
Lunch (Independence C, D, E) [12:10 pm - 1:50 pm]
Rick Tumlinson, Founder, The Earthlight Institute
Award Presentation to Art Dula
Award Presentation to Bob Farqhar
Featured Programming (Independence A) [2 pm - 6 pm]
Arthur M. Dula, Founder, CEO, Excalibur Almaz
Robert Zubrin, The Mars Society
Tim Pickens, Dynetics
Bob Farquhar, Lagrange Point Missions
General Tracks [2 pm - 6 pm]
Student Track, organized by Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) (Independence F, G)
Transhumanism and Human Space Exploration (Independence H)
Living in Space, organized by Kepler Space Institute (Independence I)
General Tracks [2 pm - 6 pm]
General Presentations: Various Speakers (Farragut Square)
The CisLunar EconoSphere, organized by The Moon Society (Lafayette Park)
NSS Heritage Reception (Independence Foyer) [6 pm - 7 pm]
Dinner (Constitution A) (7 pm - 10 pm)
Lori Garver, Deputy Administrator, NASA
Award Presentation to Fred Ordway III
NSS Awards Presentation
NSS Chapter Assembly meeting (Tentative)
Monday, May 28
General Tracks [9 pm - 6 pm]
Education and Outreach, Organized in cooperation with Yuri's Night (Independence F, G)
General Presenation (Farragut Square)
Lunch (Constitution C, D, E) [12:10 pm - 1:50 pm]
Paul E. Damphousse, Exec. Director, National Space Society [12 pm - 2 pm]
Conference adjourns after lunch.

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