Past ISDCs

Neil deGrasse Tyson at the 2006 ISDC Neil deGrasse Tyson at the 2006 ISDC.

The International Space Development Conference (ISDC) is the annual conference of the National Space Society. The first International Space Development Conference was held in 1982. The ISDC is unique in that it brings together members of the general public with space activists, scientists, engineers, educators, astronauts, aerospace industry leaders, and government officials for one purpose: to explore humanity's future in space. The following table provides a listing of current and previous ISDCs, along with a link to the associated web site, if any.

ISDC Year Location Conference Chair Website
312012Washington, D.C. Josh PowersISDC 2012
302011Huntsville, AL Bart Leahy and Yohon LoISDC 2011
292010Chicago, IL Tom Veal ISDC 2010
282009Orlando, FL Tim BaileyISDC 2009
272008Washington,DC Josh PowersISDC 2008
262007Dallas, TX Ken MurphyISDC 2007
252006Los Angeles, CA Pat Montoure and George WhitesidesISDC 2006
242005Washington,DC Bob GoetzISDC 2005
232004Oklahoma City, OKTom KoszoruISDC 2004
222003San Jose, CA Pat MontoureISDC 2003
212002Denver, CO Wayne WhiteISDC 2002
202001Albuquerque, NM Robert FreemanNA
192000Tucson, AZ Bill WeigleISDC 2000
181999Houston, TX Marianne DysonNA
171998Milwaukee, WI Peter KokhISDC 1998
161997Orlando, FL Michael Gilbrook.ISDC 1997
151996New York, NY Greg ZsidisinISDC 1996
141995Cleveland, OH Annette Wood and Pam HoffmanISDC 1995
131994Toronto, Canada Paul SwiftISDC 1994
121993Huntsville, AL Greg AllisonISDC 1993
111992Washington, DC Lauri Rohn ISDC 1992
101991San Antonio, TX Carol Redfield and Hans Mark, honorary co-chairISDC 1991
91990Anaheim, CA Pat MontoureN/A
81989Chicago, IL Jeff LissN/A
71988Denver, CO Jill SteeleN/A
61987Pittsburgh, PA Dale Amon and E.Doug Ward, co-chair Astrotech Pres.N/A
51986Seattle, WA Joe HopkinsN/A
41985Washington, DC Gary OlesonN/A
31984San Francisco, CATim KygerN/A
21983Houston, TX Art DulaN/A
11982Los Angeles, CA Jim Ransom and Jerry Pournelle, honorary co-chairN/A

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